Contemporary Bridal Style

Posted by in Portraits, Weddings | September 01, 2011

I’m always thrilled when a bride asks for “something different”. Of course all weddings are indeed different, and the photographer’s first job is to create a wonderful, complete and well composed set of images. Lots of them!Wedding Couple original image by Sara Frances Wedding Party original image by Sara Frances


But this is just the start. Artists themselves, this couple spoke of combining the antique feel of their vintage hotel with up to date, almost theatrical posing and some contemporary special effects. Ideas and inspiration flew! The formal bridal portrait and wedding party poses bring a great deal of pre-conceived expectations. These images pose a special challenge. Creative design of the groups was the first step.

Then I added a rich brocade background that bespeaks victorian elegance.

Rich brocade background by Sara Frances

Lastly soft focus vignetting and subtle color changes completed the effect.









The finished composite is a double page spread in their album.

Victorian style album spread design by Sara Frances