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Sara Frances
master photographer

“I started out dedicated to documentary photojournalism and have never gotten tired of telling people’s stories through creative portraiture and chronicling of life events. Karl and I love working with anyone who has a passion for what they do and who they are. My job is to quickly put people at ease in front of the camera, resourcefully navigate concerns and capture the natural essence of personalities and relationships. I work very hard to make your experience effortless and exciting. We call what we do ‘Story Telling from the Heart’.

“Our techniques are called Fusion Imaging. It means an original and diverse approach built on sophisticated experience and equipment. Fusion style tells your story with individually unique creations: combining photography with video, designing extraordinary coffee table books and albums, music videos for iPod and phone, canvas wall murals, personal portfolios that look like they came from an art gallery – which they have! We’re contemporary artisans since the digital revolution.”

Karl Arndt
videographer & editor

“My specialties are design and Digital Cinema, capture and edit. HD video with cinematic edit is a show stopper. As one client said, ‘The difference between the typical ho-hum wedding video and Karl’s cinematic style is a million miles.’ It’s a sensitive, inventive mix, often combining edgy non-linear editing, graphics, titling and effects, along with stills, art, credits, chapters, and extra content features.

“It is such a treasure to film anyone, but especially older relatives speaking on camera. The human voice makes a huge connection, along with live sound, fun sound bites, effects and of course a fabulous music track. Technology and attention to detail have made it possible for us to offer you a sophisticated product that you will want to watch and share for generations.”


“We’ve discovered that artistic team work doesn’t just double inspiration – it multiplies focus and possibilities.”

“You + our skills + the best tools = the experience and results you want. We work very hard to make what we do appear effortless.”

Our Wedding

“We know how important your family’s memories are to you; they are to us too. At our wedding our curandero, or shaman, in Acapulco spoke that our lives should be: ‘Por la gente, la ciudad, la casa y el corazon’. For the people, the town, the home and the heart.

“We could never have imagined how much fun it is to be an artist team. We’ve found focus together, along with daily inspirations fueled by the on-going digital revolution. The power of our passion for Fusion imagery is a Mitzvah – an act of kindness where we invent new ways to capture what is in your heart and mind’s eye.”

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Wedding photo styles sheet
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Fusion defined
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Photomirage:Photo and video projects for business, industry, professional and web image by Sara Frances and Karl Arndt based in Denver, Colorado available worldwide.

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Guerrilla Track: dolly system  Precision small dolly track system for tight spaces, economical usage and all-purpose production.