Photographing the Photographer’s Photographer

Posted by in Portraits | December 12, 2011

On of the hardest possible subjects is another artist who knows as much about cameras and lighting as I do. Fortunately, decades of experience with people of all kinds wins out.

It was a real privilege to make a portrait of consummate landscape photographer Larry Johnson. His gallery invites a lingering, intimate stroll through beautiful places. It’s comfortable, warm and friendly; sit and talk a spell kind of place. So we did just that, getting to know each other, and I suddenly knew this was the right place to make the portrait. Larry surrounded by his art, relaxed and personable as your favorite uncle. An uncle who produces magical things out of a black box.Portrait of Larry Johnson, landscape photographer

No sitting up straight and getting formal! Just a casual conversation with a man as articulate as his photographs are beautiful.

Here’s a peek at his gallery and a link to find out more about Larry Johnson.Larry Johnson Photo GalleryLarry Johnson Photo GalleryLarry Johnson Photo Gallery1