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Larry Johnson landscape photographer

Photographing the Photographer’s Photographer

Posted by in Portraits | December 12, 2011

On of the hardest possible subjects is another artist who knows as much about cameras and lighting as I do. Fortunately, decades of experience with people of all kinds wins out.

Victorian style wedding composite with a twist by Sara Frances

Contemporary Bridal Style

Posted by in Portraits, Weddings | September 01, 2011

I’m always thrilled when a bride asks for “something different”. Of course all weddings are indeed different, and the photographer’s first job is to create a wonderful, complete and well composed set of images. Lots of them!

Senior safari portrait by Sara Frances

Today’s High School Pictures

Posted by in Portraits | September 02, 2011

I’ve taken high school senior portraits to a new level. They’re fun and fashionable. Old style traditionally precise face and hand placement were duplicated person after person. That’s way too staid and uninteresting for today’s diverse students.