Today’s High School Pictures

Posted by in Portraits | September 02, 2011

I’ve taken high school senior portraits to a new level. They’re fun and fashionable. Old style traditionally precise face and hand placement were duplicated person after person. That’s way too staid and uninteresting for today’s diverse students. Senior safari portrait by Sara FrancesNo more shoulder drapes, crossed arms or leaning on trees. Not the Rocky Mountain Way!

Senior safari portrait by Sara Frances
I get to know a senior’s activities and even where they shop! We talk inspiration and ideas for a portrait safari. Unique locations like this “word-sculpture” wall play a big part.

Poses I set are natural, real and individual. I make more than 100 images for every sitting, with a wide variety of backgrounds, angles and expressions.

A senior portrait is one of life’s landmarks. It takes no more time or trouble to get the very best memories.

Senior safari portrait by Sara Frances